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Just Around The Bend: Mas o Menos - Renée Paule



There was probably a point in your existence that you've been asked a very simple question, and that is "what is life?" back then, a 10-year old me would always say, "life is about being happy and being with your family" When asked in high school, without even thinking much, i would say, life is about achieving success, getting a dream job, getting married and have children, which is  the usual portrayal of "the perfect life" that the media would have us believe.


But what really is life?


Are we merely just robots of the daily grind, being the mechanical drones of jobs we need to do for a living?





Are we living so that we could enjoy Films, games, social media, these inescapable "distractions?"



So... what is life?



Each time I've read a self-help book, often times it would tell us how we should live, spoon-feeding the answers to the big questions of life. Just around the bend however, only gives you questions. It makes you go deep in your roots and analyzing your own life through  a series of insightful essays that cater to a wide array of topics ranging from the use of social media to the author's own personal  experiences.


Before reading this book, being through a lot of experiences, I find it quite difficult now to define what life is for me,  Especially now that I am in a stage in life where I have to make very important decisions. So I am thrilled to have read this book because it gave me a lot of insight an a lot of different perspectives as to how I would tackle the challenges of life.


Countless lessons are to be learned from this book. Simple lessons, yet full of so much substance. One thing that struck me the most is how the author emphasizes the importance of self-awareness. Being able to control yourself, being aware of what's holding us back in living the life we've always worked hard for. Lastly, The combination of words, illustrations and comics(starring Dilly) add to the whole reading experience.



This book is simply beautiful. I will read this again without hesitation.